The earthwork is completely finished.
The construction of two floors of underground parking lots is fully completed.
The underground concrete constructions are fully waterproofed (hydroisolation).
The rise of the concrete constructions of the complex is fully completed.
The construction of inner and outer walls of apartments is totally completed.
Thermal insulation and facing works of the exterior walls have been fully completed.
Plastering works of the apartments have been completed.
Works of the cement-plastering layer of the apartments' floors have been completed.
Waterproofing works of the roof have been completed.
Cement- plastering works of walls of the 2 floor underground parking lot have been completed.
Works on installation of the elevators are in process.
Mounting works of security, telecommunication and fire alarm systems are in process.
Works on installation of doors, windows and facade stairs have been launched.
Installation works of apartment air conditioning, water supply and smoke-removal system started.
Electricity mounting works have been launched.