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The complex consists of 3 buildings, which include the following types of apartments: 2-room apartments 40m2, 67m2, 3-room apartments 85m2, 88m2, 4-room apartments 109 m2, 115m2, 135m2, 141m2. The complex also comprises duplex apartments of 270-320m2 and large verandas. The apartments with ceiling heights of 3 meters will be handed over with contour walls, with plastered partitions arranged as per buyer’s requirements, aligned floor covering and installed exterior doors. High quality sound and heat-insulating, double-layer metaloplastic windows will protect you from the street noise and dust and will allow to keep your apartment temperature, provided by the centralized heating system of the complex, stable. The offered apartments will contain water supply systems and drainage facilities in the form of general stunts, as well as telephone, electricity and antenna lines with single points of entry. Apartments provided with natural lighting and comfortable verandas will allow you to enjoy the fascinating and gorgeous sceneries. We strongly believe that all these will become the guarantee for your comfort and spiritual harmony.