Land works are already over
The 3-storeys of underground parking lots are completed
Underground concrete constructions are fully hydro-isolated
Erection of concrete constructions is completely finished
Works on water proofing and thermal insulation of the roof are over
Facing works are done
Installation of heating system and boiler house is completed
Ventilation works are over
Yard drainage and external drainage installation works are completed
Sewerage and water system installation works are over
Building of separation walls is completely finished
Plastering works in all apartments are over
Apartments' floor leveling is completed
Installation of elevators at the first entry is completed
External facing works are held in public spaces
Double-layer metal-plastic windows are installed up to 13th floor
Installation of banisters is held
Electrification works in entries and stairwells are held
NEW  Installation of communication and TV cables is held
NEW  Installation of fire alarm system is held
NEW  Installation of elevators at the second entry is held