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The complex consists of 3 blocks with 170 apartments of the following types: 2-room apartment 45sq m, 65sq m, 3-room apartment 89sq m, 93sq m, 4-room apartment 121sq m, 5-room apartment 175sq m. Planning solutions for 3-14 floors are identical. The complex also houses specially designed apartments with 153-312sq m surface and spacious balconies. The apartments, with a ceiling height of 3 meters, will be delivered with perimeter walls, projected by the buyer's projection, gypsum boards, smoothing floors and the entrance door. High quality sound and thermal insulation, double-glazed aluminum windows will keep you away from street noise and dust, and will allow you to maintain your apartment temperature, which will provide the centralized heating system of the complex. In the proposed apartments, cold and hot water, sewage, as well as single-entry points for telephone, electrical and antenna lines will be implemented in the form of common ramps. Natural lighted apartments with comfortable balconies will give you the pleasure of admiring the magnificent surroundings. 

We are convinced that all this will become the guarantee of your comfort and harmony.