″Renshin″ Construction and Investment Company has launched its activities since 2003, by Araik Karapetyan and Eduard Marutyan. Since its establishment it has directly contributed to the development of the country’s civilized and International standard-oriented real estate market, economic enhancement programs and raise of investment attractiveness of Armenian economy. Through many years of hard work the company has acquired its unique place in the real estate market. In its 12-year performance "Renshin" LLC achieved great success ensuring regular growth due to the following main principles; Initiation and regular fulfillment of new and complex projects, global approach to issues in accordance with World tendencies and International standards.  The Company is constantly enhancing, catering the needs of its customers. The buildings we construct are distinguished by their unique architectural style and impressive solutions. "Renshin"  is the company for those who tend to be on top of everything. Our mission is to render first-class, efficient and professional services. Our goal is to predict your wishes and make them come through.

  • On 11 August 2017 Karen Karapetyan awarded Arayik Karapetyan and Eduard Marutyan, the founders of Renshin Construction Company with commemorative Medal of the Prime Minister of RA on the occasion of the Builder’s Day and for the significant contribution to the urban development.
  • Aiming to expand the scope of the Company’s activities, at the General Meeting of Shareholders held on 19 June 2017 Arayik Karapetyan and Eduard Marutyan, the founders of the Company have resolved to replenish the Company’s Charter Capital with AMD1bln (1,000,000,000).
           On 29 June 2017 the Chartered Capital of Renshin Company was registered by the Territoral Division of RA State Register of Legal Entities.